News for July 25, 2018

As we said in a prior message the Shipping Dept is going on vacation for a few weeks so from today on we can’t guarantee they ship before they leave around Aug 2. All orders will still be worked on we are not closing but no orders will ship till they are back around Aug 20. We promise you that any order made while they are gone will ship as soon as they return. they will all be done and packed waiting for them. 


News for July 19 , 2018

The Shipping Dept will be on Holidays from July 29 to Aug 16 so any orders that come in during that time will still be worked on and done, just wont ship till that Dept is back. 

So to make sure all orders get shipped before they go on holidays we will be saying that any order that comes in after July 24 can be on hold till the return. We will try to have every order out before then but just want to give notice that if any big orders come after the 24th it could mean its on hold till the Dept comes back from Holidays. 


Thanks Mgmt

News for July 16 , 2018

Welcome to budget fakes , we are not new we have been around 7 years now. I was idmasters until now. Me and my partner had a fallout and I went on my own. So the last 7 years you have dealt with me so nothing will change here at my new site. I hope all my old and trusted customers will follow me here to Budget fakes. We will be adding a ton more ids then we had at the old place here by Sept. Bare with us as we finish this site and put up new pictures and such. If you find any issues with the site please contact us and let us know.

Thanks to everyone