News For Dec 24, 2018

We are having some issues with our site at the moment as you can see on the info page, we are working on fixing the issues at hand. Sorry for any inconvience. Fors some reason that page is all messed up and doesn’t want to save properly. It has been updated with the proper info , it’s just very hard to read at some spots.

Bf-245 and on (except ones marked shipped)  will be shipped next week sometime. We are not closing during the Holidays so we will continue to work, pack and ship orders everyday. We will try and update the info page again once it’s fixed up . Emailing us about status will not do anything as what the info page says right now it the same info i would give you. Please check there as us having to answer status emails doesn’t nothing but slow us down and then that means slower times for your orders to be done and shipped.

Thanks, We will make an update when site is fixed. Which should be in the next day or so because of the holidays.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all our great customers. Without you we would not be here still after 7 years. 

News for Dec 22 , 2018

Why are emails getting slower? Whats my updated status ? Why has the order info page not been updated? Where is my order? 

Guys we have been shipping orders out all week and will update the info page on Monday night. We are working our ass off right now to ship all our orders out so that’s why emails are getting slower etc.  We will not be closing for the holidays we will be open putting out all orders we got and any new ones that come in. Any order that had a nPA in it got put a side because we found 2 flaws that we had to get fixed before sending any out. That issue was fixed and all those orders must be redone and will be these coming days to ship out asap. So don’t worry just sit back and enjoy yourself and all will be taken care of. Shipping dates for us will be Monday and then on Thur and Friday on the coming week that should put out every single order we have.

News for Dec 12 , 2018

It is now our busy season and mail gets slower for the Holidays so make sure you order soon if you want it for this month. We will be opened for the holidays other then a few days here and there.

Vendors: Because of the Holidays we will not be getting anymore Supply orders till the new year so what stock we have is what we have so make sure to order asap if you need it. 

Nil ovi , Texas ovi low supplies. old Il cards sold out and old pa cards sold out. 

Have a safe and Happy holidays . 2018 was a good year but 2019 will be even better.

News for Dec 6 , 2018

It being the a busy time in school for a few of our workers tomorrows shipping date will be moved to Tues. This means more will be going out on Tuesday sorry for the inconvenience. 

We will be adding New Mexico some time next week to our site for $30.

Everything else is on schedule.

News for Nov 25 , 2018

We have updated our order info page .

New Mexico will be added to buy in the coming days at $30 .


News for Oct 27, 2018

As you can see we have been adding more states and we are just waiting for Pictures to be added before we start to offer them. We will also be adding more states next month so be on the look out.

We have added new supplies to the supply pages and have moved some old stuff to the clearance section.

We are sold out of Florida Holograms and Georgia Kind. We are also low on north Carolina Holograms.


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News for Oct 24 , 2018

We are adding new states as you can see just waiting for Pictures to be put up and then we will begin to offer them all. We are also looking into a few more states we will be adding shortly. 

News for Oct 14, 2018

As you can see we are changing stuff around the site, adding new stuff and also taking old stuff away. You are seeing new states come and some old ones have now gone away. Price drops on most ids. We also got new supplies in so please check those out.


News for Oct 8, 2018

All orders up to Sept 29 have been shipped . The rest should ship this week.

News for Sept 30 , 2018

We are out of New York cards, VA Cards ,Nc , Fl holograms and Nil ovi sheets. 

We will be have new Supplies added this week and More State ids this week.