News for Sept 30 , 2018

We are out of New York cards, VA Cards ,Nc , Fl holograms and Nil ovi sheets. 

We will be have new Supplies added this week and More State ids this week.

News for Sept 20 , 2018

Sorry guys but the last few days we have been dealing with Hacker attacks. A hacker has been attacking all vendors and demanding cash to have him stop. Instead of paying him we have been working on Security and added some new stuff. Hopefully that’s all that it needs to now be attack free. 

I updated the order info page and will update it again Sunday night.

For supply buyers we have all in stock minus Nil ovi sheets.

Thanks and fuck MGK

We got Nil perf sheets back in Stock.

Keep in mind that China will be on holidays at the end of the month for 2 weeks so all supply buyers make sure to buy what you need before that time so your not out with nothing and have to wait weeks for a new order.

News for Sept 10 , 2018

The site is being worked on and a few things are being fixed. We are still open and nothing has changed. 

Admin team 

News for Aug 5, 2018

All stock is now back in minus Nil perf sheets.

News for Aug 26 , 2018

We have updated the order info page , if your order is being worked on it will ship this week. For the 3 who are missing shipping stuff please get us that info asap so it can ship.  All orders from yesterday and before that haven’t shipped they will this week for sure.


News For Aug 24, 2018

We had server issues the last few days so we are working on getting it all sorted out and fixed up, That should be done by Monday.

We have updated the Order info page so please check that out and we will update it again this weekend so please don’t email us about your order till after that .

We have new supplies in our supplies section so check that out.

News for Aug 23 , 2018

All orders went to the reshippers on Tuesday. So they will be shipping them out daily. I will wait till Friday to update the order info page. All orders made before the 18th of Aug are shipping this week for sure as they are all done, packed and with them since Tuesday. 

Thanks guys 

News for Aug 2 , 2018

As we said last week 

As we said in a prior message the Shipping Dept is going on vacation for a few weeks so from today on we can’t guarantee they ship before they leave around Aug 2. All orders will still be worked on we are not closing but no orders will ship till they are back around Aug 20. We promise you that any order made while they are gone will ship as soon as they return. they will all be done and packed waiting for them.


We will still be working but shipping will be real slow over this time. 

For the supply buyers we are out of PA cards , CT cards and Nil ovi sheets.

News for July 25 , 2018

I will update this post for all the old idmasters orders from the old site info page. all below have shipped.














idm – 272

idm 294



idm-290  Waiting on stuff


All old Idmaster orders have now been shipped.  All Budget fake order please check out our Order info page.