News for April 4 , 2019

Our plans are to have all orders up to BF-538 Shipped this week. If your order number is in that , please don’t email us till the weekend as I will have tracking numbers then for them all.

We have put our prices back to how they use to be after we found a new supplier for some material that was hard to get. So all should be fine now and going forward.

Our shipper will be off for a week from the 18-26 so nothing will ship that week. So cut off day for things to ship before then will be April 10th. During that off week we will still be working and making, just not shipping.

New states are coming , Big promos are coming and Raised stuff is also in the works now. Stay tuned.

News for Mar 22, 2019

We will update the info page on Sunday night.

Supply buyers we now had GA stickers back in stock.

News for March 17 , 2019

We have updated the Order info page and will add some more tonight that went out this weekend. We are not ignoring people or emails, we just needed to work and not waste time going over the same email questions over and over again. This is why we have the News page and Order info page so we don’t waste time answering the same questions all day long when we should be working on orders. Our goal is to have all the way to BF-497 done this week coming.

For the Supply buyers we are out of stock on GA Stickers, Florida holograms, Mo Ovi sheets, Texas Perf sheets and size 10 Teslin sheets. We should have them all back in stock in about 10 days. We also got in CT and AZ Ovi sheets and in about a week we will have New SC Holograms.

News for March 12 , 2019

We are sold out of Texas at the moment so anyone who put in an order for Texas and your order hasn’t ship contact us as we will update you to a higher costing id in it’s place. For those of you who do not contact us will just be on the wait list till we can do them again in a few weeks.

Supply buyers we are out of Texas perf sheets as the ones we got in are wrong so we have to wait for a new batch to come.

We just got in CT and AZ Ovi sheets.

News for March 11, 2019

Order page has been updated but i still haven’t gotten the info of what shipped this weekend so we will update the few of those once I get it. I will be gone today so will answer all emails tomorrow .

News for Mar 10, 2019

We have changed the price of a few ids. We will also be adding a bunch of ids soon.

News for March 9, 2019

I have updated the Order info page of everything that shipped minus Fridays , as I haven’t gotten Fridays info yet. I will be updating it Sunday night with what went out on Friday. Please don’t email me asking for tracking till i update it on Sunday .

Next Ship out date is Wed and our plan is to have everything up to Bf-467 shipped then. We have lived up to the 3 deadline we posted in the past so we want to continue to reach each deadline we put out.

News for Mar 5 , 2019

Usually we only have 1 shipping day per week and then that night we update the order info page, that day is Tue. Well this week we will be going into overdrive and Shipping on Tue,Wed,Thur and Fri . We will update the info page on Friday night after everything has been shipped. Don’t email me asking as i will not know anything until the page is ready to be updated. This way Everything shipped this week should be with the customer no later then Monday if usps does their job. As of this minute this weeks list of what orders are being shipped out are everything to batch Bf-450 . This doesn’t mean higher numbers won’t, it means this is whats done and being packed up and shipped this week for now.

Starting next week we are changing the day from Tue to Wed for Page update. This way the extra day will help us to get more orders out to you .

Now we are back on track and will have no back orders.

News For Feb 27, 2019

Our plan is to have everything up to Bf-432 shipped by next Tues.

News for Feb 20 , 2019

We updated the Order info page last night and will be updating it again later today as more orders shipped out and I haven’t went threw all the paperwork yet. We have for the most part caught up from the 400 id back log we were left with. So by this coming Tues we will be back to normal as we were before the issue. So please stop with all the emails as we don’t have time to go threw them all right now as we try to get all the other orders out asap. Read this news and the info page as the answers I would give you via email anyway. I have no other info that the info page doesn’t have right now. Once we are back to normal on tues we will be bringing out some new states . Mo vol 2 is crazy good , we had the best Mo already but vol 2 fixed a few mistakes we had and all the other vendors have. Also coming out will be a few more Vol 2’s and AZ,CT,TN, UT ,Al .