Back in Stock

New Jersey holograms and Florida Holograms back in stock.


If you have 1 of our ids such as ILv2, MOv3, nSC, MIv2, PA Then we will give you a free id with duplicate of any State we make for a YouTube Review video. The video has to be a few minutes long, Talk about the id and then give them the link to Our Site.

Hiring ….Hiring….Hiring!!!

Hiring !!!!

Looking for someone who know’s there way around the internet. Facebook, Telegram, Twitter , youtube etc.

The job pays $500 a month to start and depending on how well you do the pay will go up. Apply today and tell us your internet skills.

News for Oct 2 ,2019

We have updated the info page but I have more to update and will do it in the next day or 2. Remember if your order is not a group order and it says shipped email us for a picture of your order shipping.

Material buyers we are sold out of Va Cards, Old SC Holos, NJ holos , Ny Cards , GA ovi sheets. We will no longer be selling Ky holos, Ky Cards, NC Holos. GA Kinds back in Stock. We will be adding New GA cards with lens, New Deleware ovi sheets.

New Deleware, New Florida u21 and 021 , New GA , Tennesse , Arizona and New CT ids coming this month.

News for Sept 19 , 2019

Our mail server is having issues so we can’t reply to any emails at the moment. Once it is fixed we will reply to all.

Next info page update will be Tuesday night, so please no where is my id emails till then.

News for Sept 17, 2019

We have updated the info page so check it out. We will have more shipping this week so keep an eye on the info page. We will post here a list of orders we resent out today.

Supply guys we are sold out of NJ and NC Holograms.

News for Sept 14 , 2019

As we stated before any order that is marked shipped before this last week and did not get to the person by Friday then send us 1 email mark the email as THE ONE EMAIL as the title , anyone who sends more will go to the bottom of the pile. In that 1 email state your order number and full shipping info. We will redo the orders over the weekend and be reshipped. But before we ship them you will get a picture of your made ids beside the package with your address on it. Every one who follows these directions will get a credit for 1 person any state id we make now or when we add new ones.

Now for all other orders Tuesday we will be putting out a new batch in the mail. We will take a picture of every order to show our customers that it was made and shipped. So Tuesday night look out for the update of the order info page.

News for Sept 7 , 2019

Since we no longer give out tracking info what we will do starting this week is show a picture of the ids done beside the package with your address on it. So this way you can see it shipped. I hope this makes people happy.

News for Sept 6, 2019

It seems that people don’t read and keep emailing us about the same things we said not to email about. We have posted here for weeks now about the big shipping issue we had that lost a ton of orders. We have also posted about us not giving out tracking info at the moment for security issues. So again please don’t email us about that issue its been posted and we know about it .

It seems that usps is slow at the moment and we have about 40 orders from Aug 25 – Sept 3 just sitting in different usps hubs all over the us. Nothing we can do but wait till they do their thing and deliver them. Any order that is marked shipped as of Sept 3 if you do not have it in hand by Fri Sept 13, 2019 we will resend you order out and give you a free credit for any state id we sell. So this means don’t ask us the same questions daily before that Friday. Because of the slowness we have put the option of Express shipping now on our order form for people who want to by pass this usps slowness.

News for Sept 4, 2019

We have updated the Order info page . We will have another big ship date on the weekend. We are still waiting on about 20 people to contact us about the problem we had, we have redo’s already shipped waiting.

We are still out of old florida holograms and Mi ovi sheets. Nil perf sheets are back in stock.

We are still not giving out tracking numbers, if you want us to track and give you an update just ask us. As soon as everything seems to be back to normal in a month or 2 we might return to giving out Tracking info.