News for Aug , 15 ,2019

We have updated the order info page , sorry was busy and should of been done on Tuesday. We don’t give out Tracking info until 3 days after it was shipped.

We are still waiting to hear from BF817,810,821,822,812 and people waiting for redo’s. If you don’t contact us you can’t complain later that your order was late.

Don’t forget to check out our youTube channel budget fakes id


News for Aug 8, 2019

Material buyers , nil ovi back in Stock . Ny pre made cards are also back in stock and we now carry new Fl cards with uv. Old Florida Holos are Sold out again. Pa ovi sheets will be back in Stock next week.

If your orders are BF-814,827,828,817,823,813,816,810,824,820,821,812,825,822 Contact us asap . Also if you were waiting on a redo or a missing id please contact us asap. If you were a supplies buyer and we didn’t talk to u about your order this week Contact us ASAP. We had a blimp in the system and need some info that was erased.

News for Aug 4 , 2019

A shipment of supplies was lost so we are down some supplies. Anyone who has ordered PA you will be late about a week till the new shipment gets here. So you have a choice you can wait the extra time or you can pick something else. Because it is our fault if you pick another state it can be any state even the ones that are double the PA price. If you plan to wait the extra time then you do not have to contact us about it.

News for Aug 1 , 2019

The Shipping company we use has been down for 2 days so we can’t access the site to get any mailing info.

News for July 30 , 2019

Material buyers , CA ovi , TX ovi and Mo ovi sheets back in Stock.

News for July 17 , 2019

We have updated the order info page and we are a head of ourselves now. All orders have shipped except a few that came in the last few days. Those will all ship out Monday. Emails will be slower today as I will be updating my computer to a new one.

Supply buyers Nil,Ca, Tx Ovi sheets sold out. Florida,NJ and ct holograms sold out.

New states being worked on now are TN , AZ, nFL, RI, CT, nDE, nOH, nGA. Will post when they come in. A few more joke ids coming soon and we will be getting back into secondary ids soon as well.

If you have a real id and want to trade it into us so we can make templates we are always looking and give good trade in value for them. email us if you have any to trade.

News For July 7 , 2019

We are sold out of nil ovi sheets till next week.

We shipped out 90% of our stuff right now , the info page will be updated Tuesday night as always . After that you can email us for tracking numbers.

News For July 2 ,2019

We have updated our order info page , we are now back to normal. We are not behind anymore. We will have every order we have as of this minute shipped this week. We worked hard to get back to normal, We thank everyone for being patient.

News for June 28 , 2019

This weekend is a Holiday weekend for half of our staff so We will be closed till Tuesday. Happy Canada Day to those who are Canadian. What this means is emails and info will be slow while we are closed. Our front staff is going to be on holidays till Tuesday. Our Back staff will be still working and we will update the Order page on Tuesday night with all the orders being worked on now till Tuesday. About 30 batches will be shipped out from now till Tuesday so make sure to check out the order page on Tuesday night when it’s updated. So whatever the info page says from now till Tuesday is the same info you would get from emailing us about your order.

News For June 23 ,2019

We are having issues with anyone who has a hotmail or outlook email address. This problem has been going on for about a week, so use a different email provider until we get this fixed up. Thanks