News for Jan 30 , 2020

The info page has been updated and will be updated again next Tuesday night. So if your doesn’t say shipped then check back next Tuesday night.

Material out of stock are tx ovi and mi ovi/perfs and IL perfs. We are waiting for new materials to come after the New year is over.

As you can see we are adding new stuff to our site and will be adding more like nRI,nDE,nfl, nflu21 , nAz and nAzu21 , nGA and 47 School id’s. We have been working hard to make a new york, so far the template is 80% done and will be better then the famous METROS.

News for Jan 23 , 2020

We will be adding stuff to the site in the next 2 weeks , just waiting for the web guy to do some updates. We have updated the info page as of Tue.

Material guys : It’s Chinese New years so we wont be getting anything new for a few weeks , so what we have is what we have. Mi,TX ovi sheets are out of stock. Fl,PA and NJ Holograms are back in stock.

News for Dec 25 , 2019

We have updated our info page and all has shipped. The last 2 will ship on Friday once the mail begins again. It was a good year overall , a bit slow the last few months but hopefully 2020 is our year.

2020 we will be adding a bunch of new states and will have the samples up on our site real soon. We will also be adding a ton of school ids , the samples for those will be posted soon on the site. Some prices will be going up but most will stay the same .

Material guys we have added new CA perfs and new DE ovi but haven’t added them on the site yet. Mo , Pa and TX perfs are now back in Stock.

News for Dec 10

Order info page has been updated , I will be updated again next Tue night.

News for Dec 6 , 2019

All orders that want to be delivered before New Years must be in before Dec 15th. All orders after that date unless Super Or emergency will not get to you before New Years. We will continue to update the Order info page on tues nights.

Material buyers : Be aware that we will not be getting any new shipments in until sometime in January 2020 so what we have is what we have and some stuff is already low and some is already sold out. sold out already is Mo perfs , Tx perfs , Texas ovi , GA ovi , NJ holograms, Ohio Holograms, Pa Holograms. So as i said if you will be needing supplies order asap or you will be waiting till mid January.

News for Nov 22 , 2019

With Bitcoin taking a shit every day instead of getting rid of it as a payment for now we will be putting in some rules for Bitcoin payments.

For ids any order under $100 for bitcoin payments will get a 10% fee. So if your order was $80 it will be $88 if paid with bitcoin.

Bitcoin payments for supplies. Ovi sheets we will not accept bitcoin for them as we make little money on them we can accept Bitcoin for them at the moment because of the big drops. Any other Supplies will have a 15% fee if you want to pay for them with Bitcoin.

Sorry for any inconvience but with all this Bitcoin dropping we have lost money before the transaction even confirmed.

News for Nov 20 , 2019

The order info page has been updated and will be updated again next Tue night.

News for Oct 28 , 2019

The info page has been updated, all the new orders not shipped will ship this week.

News for Oct 23 , 2019

All orders up to Bf-1012 will be shipped this week. So please no emails asking if it ships until the info page says it shipped.

New states coming Fl , Flu21 , Tn , Tn u21, TN id, Az , Az u21 , GA ,nDE, CT.

We are still giving out free ids for Youtube Reviews . We are also still hiring for Marketing people.

We will be getting in on Twitter, Instagram, FB, Telegram and Youtube again. Since a Vendor reported our Youtube channel we will have to do it differently now.

Material buyers we will be going back to Tracking info again. Id buyers still no tracking will be given.

News for Oct 11 , 2019

The info page has been updated , the last few will ship this weekend. This weekend is thanksgiving for half of our workers so email replies will be slower.