News for Nov 20 , 2019

The order info page has been updated and will be updated again next Tue night.

News for Oct 28 , 2019

The info page has been updated, all the new orders not shipped will ship this week.

News for Oct 23 , 2019

All orders up to Bf-1012 will be shipped this week. So please no emails asking if it ships until the info page says it shipped.

New states coming Fl , Flu21 , Tn , Tn u21, TN id, Az , Az u21 , GA ,nDE, CT.

We are still giving out free ids for Youtube Reviews . We are also still hiring for Marketing people.

We will be getting in on Twitter, Instagram, FB, Telegram and Youtube again. Since a Vendor reported our Youtube channel we will have to do it differently now.

Material buyers we will be going back to Tracking info again. Id buyers still no tracking will be given.

News for Oct 11 , 2019

The info page has been updated , the last few will ship this weekend. This weekend is thanksgiving for half of our workers so email replies will be slower.

Back in Stock

New Jersey holograms and Florida Holograms back in stock.


If you have 1 of our ids such as ILv2, MOv3, nSC, MIv2, PA Then we will give you a free id with duplicate of any State we make for a YouTube Review video. The video has to be a few minutes long, Talk about the id and then give them the link to Our Site.

Hiring ….Hiring….Hiring!!!

Hiring !!!!

Looking for someone who know’s there way around the internet. Facebook, Telegram, Twitter , youtube etc.

The job pays $500 a month to start and depending on how well you do the pay will go up. Apply today and tell us your internet skills.

News for Oct 2 ,2019

We have updated the info page but I have more to update and will do it in the next day or 2. Remember if your order is not a group order and it says shipped email us for a picture of your order shipping.

Material buyers we are sold out of Va Cards, Old SC Holos, NJ holos , Ny Cards , GA ovi sheets. We will no longer be selling Ky holos, Ky Cards, NC Holos. GA Kinds back in Stock. We will be adding New GA cards with lens, New Deleware ovi sheets.

New Deleware, New Florida u21 and 021 , New GA , Tennesse , Arizona and New CT ids coming this month.

News for Sept 19 , 2019

Our mail server is having issues so we can’t reply to any emails at the moment. Once it is fixed we will reply to all.

Next info page update will be Tuesday night, so please no where is my id emails till then.

News for Sept 17, 2019

We have updated the info page so check it out. We will have more shipping this week so keep an eye on the info page. We will post here a list of orders we resent out today.

Supply guys we are sold out of NJ and NC Holograms.