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News for May 1, 2020

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News for April 27 , 2020

We are still open, we have no issues or delays at this moment. Hope you all are home and safe.

We are still out of Tx ovi fronts for the material buyers.

News For april 7 , 2020

Michigan ovi is back in stock so now all ovi is in stock minus Texas. Everything else is good and on track.

News for April 2 , 2020

All is working fine, we have no problems. Order today and you will get your order faster then usual. Hope you all are staying inside and safe.

News for March 24, 2020

Info page has been updated , all the rest of the orders will ship at the end of the week. We have no problems, issues or set backs at the moment all running smoothly.

Il ovi sheets back in stock, backs and mag strip backs in stock again.

News for Feb 26 , 2020

The info page has been updated , so everything that says shipped has been shipped as of this update. Everything that ships out this week will show up next tues night on the info page update.

We have been getting supply orders in slowly from china , We got new Az ovi sheets with the proper colours and not light like the old ones. We also got in IL per f sheets today . Still waiting on Tx, MI and IL ovi sheets and Back lams and mag strip lams for AZ/Ca.

We are not finished with the site we have a bunch of new ovi pictures to put up as most of the ones on the site are old. Also adding a few more ovi and perf states.

We will be adding nDE,nAZ,nAZu21 , NY, Nyu21, Fl , Flu21 ids soon.

Also still waiting on about 6 people to email us about the Feb 9 lost packages.

News for Feb 9 , 2020

In our last post we put that some parcels were not moving and that we would resend them. This weekend about 8 started moving out of the 20 so we are going to give it till Wed. Anyone that’s not showing movement as of then will be reshipped. So guys Contact us on Tues to see if we need something from u for the reships.

News For Feb 6 , 2020

Info page was updated for everything that shipped out already. So everything else that we have should ship out Monday.

A few shipments from last week seem to not be moving with tracking so if they don’t move by Friday we will remake and reship on Monday. If that’s you please send us a new address to ship to just in case. About 10 orders which is normal , every 4 or so months we get some lost or seized orders then they stop till 4 or 5 months later again.

Material guys , china is still on lock down and they now claim the 10th will be the day they will be shipping our stuff out. Will keep you all posted.

As you can see we have added some new stuff on the site and will be adding more this week or next, they will be available once we have them all uploaded to the site.

RESELLERS we will have a new thing for you guys real soon that will make your lives better. We will also be doing more of our referral program that gets people 25% for doing nothing and buying nothing. Stay tuned.

We are still looking for a few real states we will trade big for the ones we need. if u have some for trade email us and let us know.

News for Jan 30 , 2020

The info page has been updated and will be updated again next Tuesday night. So if your doesn’t say shipped then check back next Tuesday night.

Material out of stock are tx ovi and mi ovi/perfs and IL perfs. We are waiting for new materials to come after the New year is over.

As you can see we are adding new stuff to our site and will be adding more like nRI,nDE,nfl, nflu21 , nAz and nAzu21 , nGA and 47 School id’s. We have been working hard to make a new york, so far the template is 80% done and will be better then the famous METROS.