News for Sept 6, 2019

It seems that people don’t read and keep emailing us about the same things we said not to email about. We have posted here for weeks now about the big shipping issue we had that lost a ton of orders. We have also posted about us not giving out tracking info at the moment for security issues. So again please don’t email us about that issue its been posted and we know about it .

It seems that usps is slow at the moment and we have about 40 orders from Aug 25 – Sept 3 just sitting in different usps hubs all over the us. Nothing we can do but wait till they do their thing and deliver them. Any order that is marked shipped as of Sept 3 if you do not have it in hand by Fri Sept 13, 2019 we will resend you order out and give you a free credit for any state id we sell. So this means don’t ask us the same questions daily before that Friday. Because of the slowness we have put the option of Express shipping now on our order form for people who want to by pass this usps slowness.

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