News for Nov 2 , 2020

Everything has been running smoothly the last few months, no hold ups or shipping issues. The new site is almost done and should be ready soon. You will be seeing a lot of new things there . New states , New Reseller options and more . Stay tuned for that .

Material customers – We are still out of old Texas ovi and Pa ovi sheets till later on this week we hope. Nj Holograms are back in stock and so are Victoria ( Auss) back back as well.

Clearance perf sheets – We have Mo (holes to big) , Mo (holes to big on 14mil instead of 10ml paper) , Pa on (10 mil instead of 14mil paper), Texas (holes to big) New Mexico( holes to big) , Utah (holes to big) $250 shipped pack of aprox 240 sheets each that makes them about $1 a perf sheet. Only got 1 pack of each.

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