News for Mar 5 , 2019

Usually we only have 1 shipping day per week and then that night we update the order info page, that day is Tue. Well this week we will be going into overdrive and Shipping on Tue,Wed,Thur and Fri . We will update the info page on Friday night after everything has been shipped. Don’t email me asking as i will not know anything until the page is ready to be updated. This way Everything shipped this week should be with the customer no later then Monday if usps does their job. As of this minute this weeks list of what orders are being shipped out are everything to batch Bf-450 . This doesn’t mean higher numbers won’t, it means this is whats done and being packed up and shipped this week for now.

Starting next week we are changing the day from Tue to Wed for Page update. This way the extra day will help us to get more orders out to you .

Now we are back on track and will have no back orders.

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