News for Jan 30 , 2019

So we ended up hiring a new picture guy on Monday night so he will be getting to work asap so get the back logged done and the new stuff from this week. Again we are sorry for wait time but we didn’t know that the old guy would just quit out of nowhere because of a personal issue and leave 400 ids not done. We have updated the Order info page.  We update it on tues and Fri.

We got a shipment in yesterday , so nIL,TX,MO,MI are back in Stock and we just added NC ovi to our materials. So as of this moment we have all Ovi sheets in Stock. We will be adding AZ and CT after the holiday break.

We are sold out of SC,IL,OH,OK Holograms . OH will be back in Stock this week but the others will be gone till after the holiday break. We are also sold out of Il cards.

Remember that China is having a 2 week break so we won’t be getting any more supplies till after that time.

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