News for Feb 7 ,2019

ATTENTION: There is a wait time now on all orders. there is a back log . Everything will be late .

On Jan 25 our main rtp person left us for personal reasons, we got an email saying bye and why and that’s all. At the time he was working on about 400 pictures and signatures. He left us without notice so it took us the next week to find all the stuff he didn’t do and to hire a new guy. The new guy began work and started the back log. This week most of those were to ship today but I’m stopping all shipments because the shadows are real bad and I mean real bad. they look like earrings instead of shadows. We are working to fix these issues and looking to hire someone new so we have double to workers doing them to get them fixed and done right. Anyone who paid for Rush or super rush we will try to get yours out quickly and if they go over the date we will be giving you some free stuff for the problem. For everyone else we are working very hard to fix these issues and our long time buyers we will take care of you on future orders for these issues . All orders will be about a week late now . I will post some pictures later on of what i mean by bad rtp work so you all can see what i mean.

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