News for Feb 26 , 2020

The info page has been updated , so everything that says shipped has been shipped as of this update. Everything that ships out this week will show up next tues night on the info page update.

We have been getting supply orders in slowly from china , We got new Az ovi sheets with the proper colours and not light like the old ones. We also got in IL per f sheets today . Still waiting on Tx, MI and IL ovi sheets and Back lams and mag strip lams for AZ/Ca.

We are not finished with the site we have a bunch of new ovi pictures to put up as most of the ones on the site are old. Also adding a few more ovi and perf states.

We will be adding nDE,nAZ,nAZu21 , NY, Nyu21, Fl , Flu21 ids soon.

Also still waiting on about 6 people to email us about the Feb 9 lost packages.

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