News for Feb 20 , 2019

We updated the Order info page last night and will be updating it again later today as more orders shipped out and I haven’t went threw all the paperwork yet. We have for the most part caught up from the 400 id back log we were left with. So by this coming Tues we will be back to normal as we were before the issue. So please stop with all the emails as we don’t have time to go threw them all right now as we try to get all the other orders out asap. Read this news and the info page as the answers I would give you via email anyway. I have no other info that the info page doesn’t have right now. Once we are back to normal on tues we will be bringing out some new states . Mo vol 2 is crazy good , we had the best Mo already but vol 2 fixed a few mistakes we had and all the other vendors have. Also coming out will be a few more Vol 2’s and AZ,CT,TN, UT ,Al .

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