News For Dec 24, 2018

We are having some issues with our site at the moment as you can see on the info page, we are working on fixing the issues at hand. Sorry for any inconvience. Fors some reason that page is all messed up and doesn’t want to save properly. It has been updated with the proper info , it’s just very hard to read at some spots.

Bf-245 and on (except ones marked shipped)  will be shipped next week sometime. We are not closing during the Holidays so we will continue to work, pack and ship orders everyday. We will try and update the info page again once it’s fixed up . Emailing us about status will not do anything as what the info page says right now it the same info i would give you. Please check there as us having to answer status emails doesn’t nothing but slow us down and then that means slower times for your orders to be done and shipped.

Thanks, We will make an update when site is fixed. Which should be in the next day or so because of the holidays.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all our great customers. Without you we would not be here still after 7 years. 

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