Mi back magstrip lam sheet  $7 each ( 20 minimum) 50+ $5 each.
We also sell CA,NM and any id that uses a back magstip $5 each.
We also sell plain back lam sheets for $5 each.
Nj Back Overlay $ 2 each ( 50 minimum) + shipping
GA KIN $2 each + Shipping (50 minimum)
New GA Lens $125 for 100 of them Shipped.
New Ohio Lens $125 for 100 shipped.
10 mil Teslin sheets $ 1 each + shipping (100 sheet min)
14 mil Teslin sheets $ 1.5 each + shipping (100 sheet min)
Done with transgen. Discountinued.
$150-$1000 plus. ( Templates come with front, back and uv) We have more states then whats pictured in the picture.
We Now sell Step by Step instructions on how to make ids.

WE will not reship any Supplies , So once we give you a Tracking Number that’s it from us. If you don’t like that, then please don’t order.